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“So many ways” by Monogem

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Monogem comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the beautifully charming and heartfelt gem that is “So many ways”. With this honest and captivating soundscape, she invites us all to embrace the magic that lies hidden within the experience that is falling in love. She reminds us that we are all writing our own stories and each and every experience is meant to be unique to each and every one of us, including the most amazing one of all, love. You can feel the melodies and lyrics flow with supernatural ease through our bodies as we start to feel energized and refreshed thanks to its magic. So listen carefully, sway from side to side and enjoy the adventure that awaits you as love takes over. Enjoy!

“Love…  There are so many ways to feel it, embrace it, define and design it.  I wanted to capture all the feelings of falling in love, being in love, being tempted by love, and pulling it all apart, in one song.  There’s so much energy and color that we pulled from everyone involved. I want anyone who listens to it to feel energized and free to fall in love with anyone and anything around them.”

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