“So Alive” by David Win

U.S. based Indie artist David Win comes to us with exhilarating blend of pop and electronica that is “So Alive”. With this one of a kind musical creation he pulls us and instantly embraces our senses and imagination to provide us with the chance of an adventure. The verses come one after the other painting a picture word by world and sound by sound telling us a story that will make our hearts beat a little faster. There’s something about it that is just so vivid and enticing that you automatically find yourself exploring the ins and outs of this soundscape. So listen with me and let us be hooked by the magic of of “So Alive”.

“…Hold tight to the feeling
Don’t go when the sun goes down, sun goes down
You leave and I can’t breath
No air when you’re not around, not around
Bright lights and the city streets
Will you think of me?…”

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