“Smoke & Mirrors” by De Joie

Indie singer/songwriter Kaley Rutledge aka De Joie comes to us with the haunting and bittersweet tale of “Smoke & Mirrors”. With this uniquely crafted mesmerizing and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics she pulls us all into a story that is so raw, so vivid and so painfully beautiful that you just can’t look away. You know the story does not lead to a happy ending yet you can’t help but want to see it unravel as it caresses the curiosity that resides within your soul. The track is beautiful, poetic and so bittersweet to your senses that strangely you find yourself wanting and needing more and more of it. The soundscape is a fine definition of our human existence as it explores more than fairy tales and gives us the painful reality that is at times found. Enjoy!

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