“Slow” by SHY Martin

Swedish indie singer/songwriter SHY Martin has a way of caressing the heart and soul of her listeners and “Slow” is a fine showcase of it. With this sweet and soothing union of melodies and lyrics she speaks from experience and gives us the chance to take a peak a meet not just the artist, but the person as well. She understands that we all break and fall apart and eventually meet someone who makes us think that maybe we can heal. This healing is not immediate and requires patience from both sides for it does not mean that it isn’t love but only that the pain was too big to just forget. We all need to be given the chance to just be vulnerable and be human with all our ups and downs as love is given a second, third, fourth or whichever chance you are giving it. So embrace the mesmerizing and intoxicating reality of this story and know that within it lies a reflection of you and all your magic. Listen carefully and dive into this story that is as much hers as it is yours. Enjoy!

“…Someone left me with a broken heart
That I passed on to someone
And broke a new one apart
Things can be good enough
Still not enough
And that’s why I’m terrified
Having you by my side…”

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