“Slow Down” by Sätilä

Finnish indie singer/songwriter Sätilä partnered up with Manu Laudic to write and produce the haunting gem that is “Slow Down”. With this refreshingly surreal yet palpable soundscape they blend melodies and lyrics to give our senses a much needed dose of feelings and emotions. Th track flows with a gentle and inviting nature that is intoxicating and soothing to our hearts and souls. There’s something about this track that invites you to forget, at least for a little while, all that stresses you out and explore the ins and outs of its realm. So dive into this melodic adventure and embrace every inch of it for it’s there to speak to you. Enjoy!

“…I’m so tired I should daydream

Didn’t think I had the time anymore

I’ve got visions to make up for

I may have taken wrong turns

Missing what I want, who I am

I’m starting to see again…”

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