“Slippin’ to you” by penelope

Indie singer/songwriter penelope comes to us with a mesmerizing and bittersweet musical creation that is “Slippin’ to you”. With this track, she speaks of a love that is now lost and that she finds herself reminiscing about. This happens to most of us at one point or another when you find yourself looking at the ceiling with only your thoughts and memories of something already gone. The soundscape is without a doubt one that connects with listeners and paints a vivid and lush picture that is so raw and human. There’s nothing wrong with letting your memories take a hold of you from time to time and letting nostalgia dance out in the open every once in a while. You can listen to these verses and melodies and embrace the sweet release that it offers for it serves as an escape to be true to yourselves. So listen, remember and enjoy the ride.

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