“Sky” by Secret Cameras

The UK based indie rock-pop band Secret Cameras comes to us with a track that is sure put a smile in your faces with “Sky”. With this beautiful and welcoming soundscape, we are pulled into a world that is filled with positive vibes and reasons to be happy. There’s something about the blend of melodies and lyrics that puts you in a good mood as it takes shape and form and becomes one with the airwaves. The experience is without a shadow of a doubt a must for any music lover for it is sure to make everyone feel a connection to something so magical and so mesmerizing. So listen closely and dive into this world that is waiting with open arms. Enjoy!

“It’s a song I wrote about my daughter Sky, in which I share my feelings about becoming a parent, the wonderful journey that it brought and my deep love for my daughter who became my whole wide world.” – Secret Cameras 

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