“Skin” by San Cisco

Australian indie pop band San Cisco come to us with the bittersweet and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Skin”. With this exquisite track they explore the ins and outs of love as heartbreak begins to settle and to body remembers all the moments passed and finds hard to move on. It’s an honest blend of melodies and lyrics that speaks to our hearts and souls for it understands that we have all gone through this pain they speak of. The track lands with a punch that is felt through every pore and every inch of our bodies for it reminds us of what we once went through (or might be going through right now). The soundscape is hypnotizing and without a doubt refreshing and unique as it caresses our senses and speaks to our hearts letting us know that they understand. Enjoy!

“You say that history never repeats
But I guess it does
You told me forever
I guess you just changed your mind
Was it the way I behaved
To try and make you stay?
I swear the more I loved you
The further you pushed me away…”

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