“Skin Crawl” by Alice Phoebe Lou

Indie singer/songwriter/all-around mesmerizing artist Alice Phoebe Lou comes to us with a powerful and insightful gem titled “Skin Crawl”. With this track she lets us all take a peek inside the experiences that women go through and that sadly some men just brush off as nonsense. She speaks from the heart and hooks with powerful verses that come from truth and melodies that serve to house said verses in a perfectly human and honest manner. The track does not sugarcoat the reality of the fear that exists out there and personally, it should serve as an invitation to do better, to be better and to understand that we are all in this together. Life is an adventure so we must make it a pleasant one for everyone; from the young to the old, to the male and the female and without no ifs and buts. Close your eyes and immerse yourself into the mesmerizing honesty of this soundscape. Enjoy!

I went through a lot as a teenager and young woman, experiencing a range of extremely negative and traumatic incidences at the hands of men. This is not to say that I paint men with a single brush. I am lucky to have an incredible community of supportive, sensitive and wonderful men around me, in my band and social life, and I am so grateful for them. These are the same men that appear in my music video for “Skin Crawl,” close friends who were happy to play a role in a video where I could use them as my objects and my furniture in order to turn things on their head. The video was a joy to make; a DIY, low budget, full of love day. The song’s intention is to ask that we all work towards a world where we strive to make each other feel comfortable and safe at all times. That’s the dream really. Cozy and safe and equal.Alice Phoebe Lou

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