“Silver Spoon” by Ellen Krauss

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Ellen Krauss comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with an honest and refreshing soundscape with “Silver Spoon”. With this exquisite and passionate blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a story that is sure to make your heart skip a beat or two. The track takes shape and form and speaks of a love that does not seem to be right on paper, but it feels so right when it comes to the heart. She reminds us that nothing is perfect and the most magical and beautiful things can be found among those moments other claims to call imperfect. So listen carefully and find a gentle and intoxicating reflection of the truth of all love stories around the globe. Enjoy!

“’Silver Spoon’ is about two people, very different from each other, who choose to hold on. They’re not the perfect match, but they feel it’s better to be unhappy together than alone. It’s love after all.” – Ellen Krauss

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