“Signal” by ELKAE

Irish indie singer/songwriter ELKAE comes to us with a unique and refreshing take on love with her latest musical gem, “Signal”. With this exquisite and playful yet honest blend of melodies and lyrics, she embraces the reality that love is not always as pretty as the fairy tales sell it to be. Sometimes falling for someone involves breaking someone else’s heart and the timing is not always the best and insecurity and doubt are bound to arise. She tells a story that plays on these matters in the most unique yet quite intoxicating fashion pulling us in and hypnotizing us as the story unfolds verse by verse. The soundscape is a must for any music lover as it’s not only good but quite lush and vivid feed our imagination and giving us a chance to be part of it in the most refreshing manner. Enjoy!

“A while ago, a friend of mine had found herself in a love triangle and had been confiding in me about it. She’d fallen in love with a girl, who was already in a long term relationship, and the girl had also fallen in love with her. The girl was planning on leaving her partner for my friend, but was struggling to actually bite the bullet and do it. What was intended to be a clean cut, and the beginning of a new honest relationship, turned into an affair that dragged out for months while the girl came to terms with the reality of starting over with someone new and hurting her current girlfriend. 

      My friend both sympathised with how hard it was for the girl to leave her partner and also became quite frustrated and morally conflicted and suspicious of her intentions as time went on. 

     I wrote “Signal” from my friends point of view and as this is my first release where the song isn’t directly about a personal experience, I decided to tell it through the story of an astronaut who has found herself falling in love with a beautiful alien on another planet and is now torn between her long term lover home on earth and this extraterrestrial alien who has mesmerized her. The song is written from the aliens POV as she grows impatient waiting on her astronaut to leave her lover.” – ELKAE

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