“Sick of You” by DNMO & Sub Urban

DNMO and Sub Urban join forces and together they deliver one of the best anti-valentine tracks you’ll ever hear with “Sick of You”. The track is not only raw and very much real, but it’s an eye-opening gem that speaks about toxic relationships and how at times it is necessary to walk away. There’s something about the verses that just connect as they feel so personal yet so universal that we can all see a glimpse of our of life stories. Plus the unique blend of vocals and melodies serves to house the feelings, the emotions and the story within in a way that is just utterly mesmerizing and palpable. So grab my hand, I promise you won’t get sick of me, and let us jump into the soundscape created by these two musical monsters. Enjoy!

‘Sick Of You’ was written about a girl in your life that you cherish more than anyone else. It’s about old habits, ritual attraction and at times, pity, obscured the fact that this girl was a toxic ailment towards everyday life. For this track, Sub Urban and I spent a week writing music in the studio together, which really helped us reach a whole new level of songwriting. Through that experience we were able to capture the high energy vibe we were feeling at the time.DNMO & Sub Urban

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