“Shoulder to Shoulder” by Wolves

Indie pop band Wolves comes to us with a track filled with positivity and hope in the shape and form of “Shoulder to Shoulder”. With this track the remind the world that we are the same and that we are all in this adventure called life together. They also understand that while we are all individuals we also must come together for in that unity we are stronger and came the route of our future for the better. The song charms you and speaks to you in a way that makes you feel understood, at ease and part of something greater than anything else out there. I can’t help but smile as the soundscape unfolds and captures us all in its push for the betterment of us all.  So come, sit next to me and as we smile we’ll enjoy something amazing together.

“We’re the spark, we’re the heart, we’re the sword that breaks the chain

For the years, for the tears, for the nights we cried in pain, oh

The dreams of our mothers are safe and sound, we’re shoulder to shoulder and won’t back down

We got love, just enough, feel it rushing through our veins, oh”

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