“She’s too good for me” by Franc Moody

London-based collective Franc Moody arrive at Wolf in a Suit with the tongue in cheek gem that is their latest single, “She’s too good for me”. With this danceable and inviting soundscape, the guys pull us into the dancefloor and start painting a picture that will seem familiar and so real. The lyrics come together with the melodies in an exquisite and fun manner really giving our bodies a reason to move. Plus the story that unfolds within each sentence is honest, real and we have all seen it, lived it or let’s be honest, even judged it. The band understands people and knows to make us all smile and just relax in order to fully embrace the magic of their sound. “She’s too good for me” is a must for music lovers and an excellent addition to any playlist. Enjoy!

“STG4M is a jam we’ve had in the archives for a while. It was in need of a Franc Moody facelift, so we added our usual concoction of cragged out studio/cupboard tools to the potion. Bass guitar from Argos, hot sauce by Tabasco, Sea salt shakers, home made guitars and vintage synths…everything found a space in the tune. Lyrically it’s a kind of tongue in cheek take on the feeling you’re probably punching above your weight, that little bit of “imposter syndrome” you can get from time to time whatever you’re doing.”

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