“Shadows & Riddles” by Nina June

From the Netherlands comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Nina June to once more mesmerize us with her voice and her talent with “Shadows & Riddles”. With this soundscape she opens up her and soul as she invites us to the same and explore the ins and outs of love in modern times. She embraces the reality in which we find ourselves and opens up our eyes to the true beauty of relationships for it’s not about perfection but about true feelings. She knows we all want perfection as we set expectations that most of the time we don’t even meet and that limits our view of the world and of people around us. There’s something so raw about this track that is sure to hit home for us all and give us a gentle to remind us what really matters, and that is what the heart desires and not what the mind conspires. Enjoy!

“It’s a song about relationships in modern times. We strive for perfection, setting up these high and unrealistic standards, while all that we long for is to lie in the arms of someone that might not be perfect, but who truly loves us.” – Nina June

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