“See the way” by The Chainsmokers x Sabrina Claudio

The Chainsmokers are on fire and this collaboration with Sabrina Claudio to craft “See the Way” is a fine example of it. The track is exquisite and so open and honest that you can fall into it with such ease and naturality for it tells a story that could be yours. The soundscape opens up and lets us take a peak inside a relationship that is now over and could have been more, but one did not understood what the other needed and wanted (even though it was so simple to give). The verses and melodies come after the other caressing the soul as it provides our senses with a fine serving of bittersweet yet much needed experiences. The vocals connect with one another and give us a chance to hear and visualize both sides of this relationship providing us with a unique and intoxicating experience. Enjoy!

“…When no one’s there to listen, I will hear your pain
I know that I was less than, but you know people change
So tell me, what’s the difference if we still feel the same?
It takes a little distance to make you see the way…”

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