“Scars” by Paden

U.S. based indie pop/rock duo Paden comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the inspiring musical realm of “Scars”. With this honest and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics the uber-talented pair give life a story that is sure to speak to your heart and soul. The soundscape takes shape and form and instantly gives us a gentle and welcoming touch that makes us feel a connection unlike anything else. The track reminds us that we are all beautifully imperfect and that the ups and downs we have gone through serve to push to be better and to mature as people while leaving reminders on ours skins and our hearts of what we have gone through. The track tells us is ok to be imperfect because we all are and those imperfect little things make us so unique and so amazing. So listen carefully and embrace the sweet escape offered by this amazing track. Enjoy!

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