“Saving Grace” by Kodaline

Indie pop band Kodaline comes to Wolf in a Suit with the beautiful and inspiring musical creation that is “Saving Grace”. With this soothing and charming union of melodies and lyrics, they help us take our mind off the current situation the world is living and to focus on something more beautiful and magical. They explore the power a person can have in someone’s life as they give more than love and support and become someone special and reliable that is sure to be present in the good and the bad. The soundscape flows with ease caressing the airwaves as it lands carefully to pull us in and feed our hearts and souls with a warmth that is most welcomed. So listen, smile, and embrace the sweet release that this must-listen track offers. Enjoy!

“‘Saving Grace’ is a song about that special person in your life that is there for you no matter what. It’s a song that means a lot to all of us, as we all rely on people in our personal lives to be there and support us though the high and lows of our career.” – Kodaline

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