“Saintly” by Small Million

Indie pop duo Small Million come to us with a powerful and intoxicating musical creation in the gem that is “Saintly”. With this exquisite and captivating blend of melodies and lyrics they open up their hearts and souls and invite us to take a peak inside. The verses come together quite nicely to tell a story that while personal manages to find a way to feel universal and pull us all in. There’s no denying that this track provides your senses and your soul a much needed dose of reality and humanity that is at times rarely found in the world today. It’s a meditation that guides us to wonder about salvation and what awaits us all. Enjoy!

“Saintly is a meditation on the idea that salvation doesn’t come from another person. I damaged my vocal cords this winter, so I lost my voice right as I was starting to unravel my own codependent tendencies. This song is a prayer for turning back to yourself when you’re trapped in a cycle of self-sacrifice.” – Small Million

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