“Sad Songs” by kwassa

UK based indie singer/songwriter Scott Verrill aka kwassa comes to Wolf in a Suit for the very first time with his latest single, “Sad Songs”. With this track he evokes youth, growing up and the healing power of music as it can always bring something to us all as we hear it. Sometimes those songs that speak of sadness, heartache and such can serve to break away from the norm and just sing along while in the shower, the car or simply in your bedroom. The soundscape is wonderfully honest, refreshing and made to shine in the pop genre with a new and welcoming light. Let us jump into his melodies and lyrics and enjoy an amazing ride.

“I liked the idea of a making a really upbeat track called Sad Songs because it reflects the confusion of growing up, and the idea that you would listen to a ’sad’ song to make you feel some kind of way, when actually it often makes you feel the opposite.” – kwassa

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