“Runner” by MADOUX

From the Netherlands comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter MADOUX with the haunting and intoxicating gem that is “Runner”. With this soundscape, she speaks to our hearts, souls and the entirety of our senses to invite us to dive into this world that she has crafted with passion and utmost care. There’s something about this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics that feels so raw, so real and so human that something inside us all will awaken from the moment you press play. The track lands a refreshing and much-welcomed punch straight to the gut as it instantly becomes a fan favorite and one of the best ways to get this new year started. So enter her world and explore that magic that awaits within the ups and downs and ins and outs of “Runner”.

“I’m a liar but never been untrue to you

I’m a stayer but I became irresolute

I’m a winner but I’m losing this game for two

I’m a seeker but I am hiding from the truth…”

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