“Runaway” by KYTES

German indie pop band KYTES are one of my favorites and with their latest musical gem, “Runaway”, they are sure to be yours as well. The track is full of energy and upbeat as it captures your imagination and invites you into their world. The guys let the melodies and lyrics come together quite perfectly allowing us the chance to have a fun and one of a kind experience. The soundscape flows with a fun and refreshing vibe that gives us all a reason to smile and to look at the world and know that it’s there waiting for us to take a chance. So listen closely and just jump into the unknown that awaits and embrace the magic and honesty of this must listen track. Enjoy!

‘Runaway is the opening cut of our new record ‘good luck’. It is a very special song for us and we feel we’ve captured our live energy on record. In our generation chances are so plentiful, some of us are overwhelmed and think of running away. We’re not afraid while running away, instead, fascinated about our chance for a new start into the unknown.’ – KYTES

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