“Ruin” by St Lundi

UK based indie singer/songwriter Archie Langley AKA St Lundi comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the mesmerizing musical creation that is “Ruin”. With this honest and bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics he explores the ups and downs of love with honesty and understanding that mistakes have been made. The soundscape understands that a relationship is made of two people coming together and that communication is the most important ingredient to keep love alive. He grabs a hold of that last thread as he finally understands that the relationship might run out of time if they don’t do anything. The track is truly beautiful and intoxicating and it is sure to speak to your heart in one way or another. Enjoy!

“Miscommunication can often lead to confusion. This song is a take on how two people in love are on the brink of breaking down as a result of not doing something that seems so simple to most, talking. This story represents the moment of realisation when one pleads with the other to speak about the troubles they both face or risk letting what they have built go to ruin.” – Archie Langley AKA St Lundi

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