“Roulette” by Olivia Grace

Indie singer/songwriter Olivia Grace comes to with the soothing and lush musical realm that is “Roulette”. With this refreshing soundscape she opens up her heart and soul to connect with the listeners on a deeper level than usual. The melodies and lyrics come together to play with our senses and imagination in a way that is sort of seductive yet so raw and in your face. The soundscape flows with ease through the airwaves taking shape and form and caressing our souls in a way that so welcomed and down to earth. The verses tell a story that is sure to connect with the listeners because it’s only personal to her but universal to all. Enjoy!

Roulette is based on an intensity-relationship that never gave a sense of security or safety. It explores the emotional messiness of trying to make something last that began with a lot of risk and limits.” –Olivia Grace

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