“Road” by Mark Diamond

Indie singer/songwriter Mark Diamond comes to Wolf in a Suit once more, and this time around he delivers the mesmerizing melodies of “Road”. There’s something about the track that immediately captures your attention and pulls you into the soundscape. It may be the relatable feel of the lyrics, his soothing vocals, the playful nature of the melodies as pop and rock and bits of electronica come together, or maybe there’s something unknown within this track. It just caresses your soul and not through romantics verses, but through personal touches that captivate the most human side of us. There’s a surreal yet down to earth feel that makes it a must listen for any music lover. Enjoy!

“‘Road’ was one that just needed to come out. The day before it was written, we decided to call it an early night at the studio and left 11pm. I tried to go meet up with friends but was having a hard time switching back to “reality” after spending so much time in the studio. I went into the studio the next day slightly on edge, so I laid on the ground behind the board and wrote this song. Immediately I felt better — like I had just explained to myself that this is my life now. I needed to realize that it was my choice, and it’s absolutely beautiful to live this way. Hope is important to me these days. I think the world could always use more of it.”

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