“Rita”  by Mark Diamond

Indie singer/songwriter Mark Diamond shares with us a beautiful and personal tale with the musical gem that is “Rita”. With this refreshing and charming blend of melodies and lyrics, he allows the blessing of getting to know someone extremely special to him, his grandma who recently passed away. With this soundscape, he paints a picture that is so vivid and so intoxicating that you are sure to fall for the magic that was part of her life. The track is without a doubt an amazing addition to his ever-growing body of work and comes with to us with a softer and more human side to this young artist. We can dive into it and embrace the lyrics and sounds as they play with our senses and imagination pulling us deeper and deeper. Enjoy!

“The story of Lovely Rita. My grandma recently passed away and I had written this song a few months ago before it had happened. She had a really insane life. Grew up an orphan, was married 3 times, gambled her life away and left this journey with a few hundred dollars in her bank account. She was always laughing and always singing. She use to tell me it ran it our blood to be singers. Its a story worth sharing and I hope you enjoy it and want to be apart of getting this out into the world. Thank you!” – Mark Diamond

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