“Right Way Round” by Saint Raymond

UK based indie singer/songwriter Saint Raymond comes to Wolf in a Suit with the refreshing and inviting musical creation that is “Right Way Round”. The lyrics and melodies of this fantastic musical creation come together to caress our hearts and souls and make us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. The track understands that we all have the tendency to feel alienated at times and instead of letting us fall down that rabbit hole invites us to open up our eyes and look around. The soundscape gently bursts our bubble and let’s us know that we all feel the same, but those difference that push to walk away should actually pull us to come together. So listen, smile and realize that we are all together in this no matter the gender, the age, the religious beliefs or the color of our skin. Enjoy!

“Right Way Round is about feeling like you’re on the outside, like you’re floating through life and it’s making you feel alone. But the more you scratch the surface and look around you, realise that there’s a load of us who feel like we’re different, on the outside and unsure of the future and that there’s beauty in that.” Saint Raymond.

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