“Ride” by Sara Diamond

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Sara Diamond showcases her smooth and mesmerizing vocals in the beauty that is her latest single, “Ride”. With this track, she pulls us into her world and while in there we get on a beautiful classic Mustang and roll the windows down and just let the melodies guide us. There’s something about this soundscape that is inviting, playful and in its own unique way sensual and filled with life and stories waiting to unfold. She caresses our souls and lets our senses find new life within her perfectly luscious blend of lyrics and sounds that just explode into our airwaves. Honestly, she has crafted something special and something that you want to listen as you drive down the highway to a destination yet unknown but so desired. So hop on with me and let us feel the breeze as it hits our faces while we just ride to whatever the hell we want. Enjoy!

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