“Rhinebeck” by Tuarrah

Indie pop band Tuarrah comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the mesmerizing and intoxicating gem that is “Rhinebeck”. With this exquisite and voyeuristic soundscape they tell a story that is unique and so captivating as each verse paints a picture that is so real and so human. There’s something about the slow yet passionate melody that simply pulls you in and serves you a hypnotizing blend of melodies and lyrics that will make your heart skip a beat a two. They have crafted a world that is so easy to connect as they speak of moments in life that are so down to earth and true that feel personal to us all. Enter their world and explore as this adventure takes form and pulls you in to make sure you have something to enjoy.

“… I try to read your lips while you talk

in the car across the parking lot

are you staying or are you leaving?

will you be forgiven?…”

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