“Rewind” by Jet Black Alley Cat

U.S. based indie pop-rock band Jet Black Alley Cat comes to us with the honest and refreshingly raw soundscape of “Rewind”. With this melodic and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics the guys give us a tale of growing up and wanting to go back to the simpler times of youth. They understand that as you grow sadly things can be difficult and require more of you that originally planned. It’s a bittersweet yet charming soundscape that speaks words that ring so true as they roam through the airwaves to land right in front of us. The track is one that invites to sing along and simply connect as it is sure to feel like a reflection of us from time to time. Enjoy!

In what the band calls their darkest time of life, the third single from Jet Black Alley Cat titled “Rewind” is a song of personal honesty & admiration of better times in the past. Vulnerability reigns in this track as it forces us each to face nostalgia vs reality head-on.– Jet Black Alley Cat

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