“Rely” by Taylor Noelle

Indie singer/songwriter Taylor Noelle comes to us with the eclectic and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Rely”. With this exquisite and sonically intoxicating soundscape she invites us into a world that unites the melodies and sounds of the past with the experience of today in a way that is sure to get us all hooked. She gives her voice life and passion as she explores each and every verse connecting the dots as she tells a story so personal yet so beautifully universal that we can all just dive into it. She opens up her heart and soul to allow us the pleasure of taking a peak inside as we get to know not only the artist but also the person and while we do this we get the chance to see a captivating reflection of ourselves. So listen closely and embrace the story for it awaits us all. Enjoy!

“Rely is a dreamy ode to being let down. Its bouncy, piano-driven groove might distract from its confessional lyrics delineating the breakdown of a relationship.” – Taylor Noelle

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