“Reason” by James Deacon

South African indie singer/songwriter James Deacon comes to us with a romantic and mesmerizing musical creation with the sweet gem that is “Reason”. With this soundscape he reminds us to be thankful of those we call special in our lives as they have given so much to us while asking so little. It’s a gentle push to let them know how important they truly are for us and how much they mean. It’s a wonderful and one of a kind modern-day track that really captures your attention and pulls you in. There’s no denying that this track is a must that I am sure to share with a few special people in my life. James keeps on serving up must listen gem that have the potential of becoming hits. So listen to his music and get to know the man and the artist that is sure to share soundscape that will speak to our hearts and souls. Enjoy!

“I didn’t think I’d ever be someone
I never knew there was a place for me
You are the one that fixed my broken wings
And if you don’t already know by now
Baby you’re the reason that I’m me…”

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