“Rearview Mirror” by Exiles

From Ireland comes an indie rock-pop duo that goes by the name of Exiles and they deliver the goods with their latest gem, “Rearview Mirror”.  With this track, the guys bring pop and rock together and through synth-filled melodies they caress the bittersweet feeling that comes to us after a breakup. But there’s more than meets the eye as the story in the lyrics evolves and gives us hope for what’s to come after this sad moment in life.  There’s always a tomorrow and always a reason to move forward and leave things behind as life is waiting for you and there’s something ahead. While you may never fully forget, at least the memory becomes dimmer and dimmer as you drive up to something waiting in the future for you. So smile, get into your car and just drive. Enjoy!

“When I get where I’m going, Will I see you there? Will I need it, will I feel it then?”

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