“Ready for more” by Sea Girls

UK based indie rock band Sea Girls come to us once more to show the world that 2020 is their year and they do so with the musical gem that is “Ready for more”. With this exquisite and well-crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, they start to get things ready for the release of their latest EP, ‘Under Exit Lights’. The track is in tune with the passionate and honest lyricism that we have all learned to expect from them while being its own unique monster when compared to the rest of their body of work. There’s no denying that the track is amazing and bound to become a fan favorite in their shows as their name continues to rise and the bars become stadiums. So listen closely and get ready for more from them because there’s surely more to come from this amazing and utter;y talented band. Enjoy!

‘Under Exit Lights’ EP Track Listing:

  1. Ready For More
  2. Why Won’t You Admit
  3. Closer
  4. Violet
  5. Timeless
  6. Soldier On

Pre-Order: https://seagirls.lnk.to/UnderExitLightsSO

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