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“Pushing All My Friends Away” by Quinn Lewis

Australian indie singer/songwriter Quinn Lewis delivers his latest honest and relatable must listen track, “Pushing all my friends away”. With this refreshing musical creation, the young artist opens up about his youth and the value of friendship as he grew up. He connects with us for the lyrics speak of situations that feel so personal to not only him but us as well. We can clearly embrace the human and palpable feel of the soundscape as it all unfolds and becomes so beautifully real making us be part of the track as well. There’s no denying that Quinn has crafted something so brilliant and mesmerizing that it instantly becomes a fan favorite. So listen, connect with it, create a new memory with your friends and enjoy!

“I wrote ‘Pushing All My Friends Away’ as I was realizing that I’d had a lot of situations where I’d let a fight with someone I care about go too far, and regardless of whose fault it was, I’d put it on them to reach out and fix. I think having some of the best friends I’ve ever had now, I realized that was an easy way to lose someone.” 

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