“Pure” by Paige Valentine

Australian indie singer/songwriter Paige Valentine comes to Wolf in a Suit with the powerful and bittersweet musical creation that is “Pure”. With this honest and down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics she embraces the sad yet very real moment in which a relationship is tested and sadly fails the test. It’s a part of the human experience and while it might not be one we all want, it helps us grow and be better. She does sing these verses with hate but instead, I felt a certain melancholic comfort that dances between peace and heartache. The track is a must-have experience for any music lover for it will surely speak to all the hearts and souls that are lucky enough the explore this soundscape. So listen, smile kindly, and enjoy the ride that this track is sure to offer your senses and imagination.

“Pure was written on a winter’s afternoon while visiting my friend and fellow writer, Matt Gresham. I was beginning to witness a number of friends’ long term relationships being tested and drew a bit on personal experience, when two people who love each other seem to drift apart chasing different dreams, or going through hardships, or just generally changing as people. Matt already had the chords ready to go, I ad-libbed the first verse and chorus while he was playing guitar. We both knew we were onto something really special and something that really hit a nerve, Matt even asked if I wanted to continue writing it – it was intense. We finished the song half an hour later…vulnerable, personal, challenging songwriting. I went to Sydney and did some pre-production with Billy Otto, before returning to Fremantle and finishing the single with Dylan Ollivierre (The Money War). Pure is about trying to remember why you love someone and wanting to get back to that innocence of when you fell in love.” – Paige Valentine

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