“Promises” by Melissa Ramsay

Australian indie singer/songwriter Melissa Ramsay comes to us with an amazing musical gem in her latest single, “Promises”. With this exquisite and well-crafted soundscape she breaks free from all that holds her down and invites us to search for freedom with her. The melodies and lyrics join forces and feed our senses and imagination with an intoxicating and mesmerizing experience that is sure to remain within our memories. As soon as you press play, the track takes over the airwaves and whispers sweet nothings that will subtly get you hooked and out of nowhere you will find yourself within the magical world she has created. So listen carefully and embrace the passionate and hypnotizing adventure she is inviting us to. Enjoy!

“The song tells the story of breaking free of someone’s hold on you and not letting them control you. It was an important song to write about a time in my life when I felt like what I wasn’t good enough the way I was.” – Melissa Ramsay

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