“Promised Land” by Katrina Cain

Former The Voice contestant and indie singer/songwriter Katrina Cain comes to us with the cinematic and captivating musical gem that is “Promised Land”. With this track she delivers a full course of melodies and lyrics that connects with our senses and imagination painting a picture so real and so magical. The soundscape is inspired by her real life adventure into the unknown in which she moved to California in the winter with no job, no money, no friend and no connection whatsoever but a hunger that drove her to get her music heard. She empowers herself and showcases a unique route to hope and success that is inspiring to all who listen in a way that is so raw and intoxicating. We can dive into this world she has created and find the right push to motivate us to take a dive and find our greatness. Enjoy!

“…Honey, I know I’ve changed, but I don’t know I am.

I’m just out here floating somewhere in the Promised Land.

In my heart I am different, but I don’t know where I stand…”

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