“Pretty in the dark” by Jemma Johnson

The UK based indie-pop singer/songwriter Jemma Johnson comes to us with the bittersweet and haunting tale of “Pretty in the dark”. With this enticing and uniquely refreshing soundscape, she gives life to a story that is so raw, so real and so truly human from the very first second. The melodies and lyrics complement each other in a way that makes the sonic experience so perfectly hypnotizing allowing the listener to connect in an instant. There’s something about this track that is sure to hit the spot for more than a few listeners as it paints a picture that is vivid and quite marvelous. So listen, imagine and reminisce as the track connects with your experiences either now or in the past. Enjoy!

“Pretty In The Dark refers to the honeymoon period of a relationship where you think it’s going perfectly, until you realise you’ve completely lost sight of who you really are. I’ve been in the position in the past where I subconsciously created a sort of alter ego because I thought that’s who the other person would want to be with. Looking back now, I don’t see it as a negative, it felt empowering, more so because it turns out they didn’t deserve the real me.” – Jemma Johnson

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