“Welcome to the Dollhouse” by Gabriella Rose

So young, so talented and so in touch with the reality and duality of life that it blows you away … that is Gabriella Rose and her single, “Welcome to the Dollhouse”. The enigmatic and mesmerizing singer/songwriter explores within her own heart and soul to provide us with something that can feel like home. The song is beautifully honest and real that it just makes me smile and feel at ease as it speaks to us all softly letting us be understood. It may be the first time an artist really touches the subject of mental illness in a way that is not all about the poetry and symbolism but about what’s real. She has crafted something impossibly magical and truly one of a kind and I am honored to share this must listen gem. Enjoy!

This song is about my struggle with mental illness. When I wrote it, I had completely lost myself in the search for acceptance; however, music has allowed me to rediscover that person I used to be before I sank into melancholia. Everyone deserves the chance to be loved, accepted, and wanted. People don’t always understand those suffering from mental illness, and many simply don’t know how to help. I guess I just wrote this song for anyone who really needs it.Gabriella Rose

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