“Take it Easy” by KYTES

Germany based indie-pop KYTES continues to deliver some of the best music I’ve heard this year and this time around they bring the gem that is “Take it easy”. With this soundscape they invite us all to take a step back and pause for a bit to really take a look at all the world has to offer. There’s a beauty, a magic and a mesmerizing unknown waiting for us all to want to see it all and smile as the world is not black and white, but various shades of infinite colors. This track is one that is sure to bring a much-needed sense of joy, hope and above all, a relaxing vibe to let off some steam. So enter their world, move around to the rhythm and the beats of this one of a kind musical creation and enjoy!

We think this is something we all need to do a little each day. We always try to break new ground. So for TAKE IT EASY we wanted to combine our indie touch with a new hip hop kind of feel. We got inspired by ‘Mask Off’ and it helped us create something totally new and original. TAKE IT EASY breaks though genres and we’re really proud of it.KYTES

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