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Premiere: “Static” by Kelsey Colbert

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“Static” by Kelsey Colbert

Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter Kelsey Colbert delivers a painfully relatable gem in her debut single, “Static”. With this haunting and refreshingly honest blend of lyrics and melodies, the utterly talented artist speaks from the heart and manages to directly connect with the listeners. The track understands the cruel reality of heartbreak and how at times we are scared of confronting this fact and truly grasping what is going and what our hearts need. She speaks our language and does not hide behind self-gratifying lies but instead provides us all a very human set of actions that we can feel and understand. Her heart and soul are put out in the open and it is beautifully bittersweet yet so poetic that we instantly dive into it. So come with me and let us enter the realm she has crafted. Enjoy!

“…Sleeping all day to forget how you’re taking up space in my mind

When I wake I turn up the static; the only sound I recognize

Spending up my nights with strangers, letting them waste all my time.

When they’re done I turn up the static to clear our what you left behind…

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