“Dark” by Luxtides

New York native Danni Bouchard aka Luxtides comes to us all with her latest insightful and refreshingly honest gem, “Dark”. With the lyrics and melodies that make up this soundscape she opens up her heart and soul and along the way invites us to do the same. She speaks of the light that resides within us but also reminds us that there’s darkness and both must be accepted but we must not let the bad represent who we are. It’s all there and we must embrace it but not let it rule who we are and what we do. This is also the same for those who are part of our lives, we cannot hope to only be willing to see the good, we must be there for the bad as well and remind them of their value to the world and to ourselves. The track is a beautiful and much-needed reminder that in the bad that’s going on, there’s also some amazing good waiting for us. Open up your eyes and be open to all the shades of color that make the people in your lives. Enjoy!

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