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“Post Code” by James Cherry

UK based indie singer/songwriter James Cherry is a personal favorite of mine for quite some time and with “Post Code” he will charm the entire world. With this refreshing, captivating and one of a kind soundscape, he lets his voice showcase the magic that it’s made off and tell a story that is sure to land home. The track is electrifying and intoxicating while also delivering verses that will motivate the hunger that lies within you as you seek more and more and do your best to make your dreams a reality. He understands that if there’s something out there that you crave and desire to make true and yours then you gotta put blood, sweat, tears and much more on the line. Nothing comes for free and you have to get up and got out into the world to search for it. So feel empower and run into the wild for the adventure that awaits you. Enjoy!

“I wrote ‘Post Code’ at home in my bedroom, which is fitting because the song is about that need for something more than what you have. I remember looking around the room, the same room I’ve been writing in from the age of 14 and thinking, “I need to get out. I know that for sure.” – James Cherry

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