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“Please Don’t” by Sam Setton

Once more indie singer/songwriter Sam Setton comes to Wolf in a Suit and he does not disappoint as he serves us the gem that is “Please Don’t”. With this mesmerizing haunting track he takes us on a self-exploring adventure as he lets us into the privacy of his mind to hear a conversation between himself and his conscience. With this perfectly human soundscape, he connects with his owns ups and downs and by doing so we can see a gentle reflection of what happens inside us as well. It’s refreshing and welcomed to hear someone who goes through the same tribulations as we do, for I believe we all have had conversations with ourselves whether good or bad. We can bring ourselves down or pick ourselves up, in the end, it all comes down to what we say between ourselves and our own consciousness. So listen carefully, embrace it and enjoy this must listen gem.

“This song was written at a stressful time for me. It’s not a song about love or a breakup but a conversation between myself and my own conscience. I hope you like it” – Sam Setton

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