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Play with Fire (ft. Ruelle)/ Alternate Version

“Play with fire” by Sam Tinnesz ft. Ruelle & Violents

Indie singer/songwriter Sam Tinnesz takes his indie rock gem “Play with fire” and gives it an alternative pop and soothing take with the help of Ruelle and Violents. With this softer route, he adds the piano to keep it in touch with the feelings and emotions of the original while balancing his voice with the beauty of Ruelle’s. They compliment each other in a way that is mesmerizing, unique and in touch with the honest feel of the original while inviting listeners from other genres to fall for his sounds. The new version stays away from the electrically charged rock touch of the original, but in exchange, it gives it something more human, more palpable and more in touch with the reality of our existences. So dive into these sounds and enjoy!

Original Version:

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