“Picking up speed” by Augustine

From Sweeden comes the uber-talented Augustine with the catchy and intoxicating musical creation that is “Picking up speed”. With this honest and quite refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, he tells a story that shows the other side of falling in love. He understands that while love is beautiful and magical, it is also a scary experience that comes with its own degree of anxiety. You start worrying about what would happen if things went sour and the bubble you created with this person suddenly breaks. It’s a quite frightful but human sensation that is part of this sweet moment in our lives, it reminds us that with the good comes the bad and we should embrace it all. So listen, smile and rejoice if you are in love because no matter what may happen you had this sweet moment of magic that we humans are blessed to share with someone else.

”It’s about building this little universe with someone. Just living in your bubble together and feeling that everyone on the outside sucks. But regardless of how good it is, you fear that it could break at any moment. The more you gain, the more you may lose. Picking up speed together with someone who means the world to you can be the scariest thing.” – Augustine 

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