“Perfectly Untrue” by Lucia and the best boys

UK based indie rockers Lucia and the best boys deliver one of the best tracks of the years with the must listen gem that is “Perfectly Untrue”. With this enticing and mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics they give life to something so uniquely crafted and so special, yet so raw and so easy to connect with. The soundscape is a must for any music lover, no matter what genre you prefer to listen to for it is sure to hit a nerve that lies hidden deep within. The soundscape embraces the duality of humanity as we can be great one second and the worst ever the next and also it understands that bittersweet capacity of hiding what we truly feel so well giving the world a smile while inside we break down. They have a firm grasp of the necessary lyricism to make sure the song is as vivid as possible and that it instantly grabs your senses and feeds your soul with a unique escape from our current realities. Enjoy!

“Perfectly Untrue was written a couple of weeks after I wrote ‘Let Go’. This recording is in its original form, which Chris Greatti and myself powered on an all nighter till 4am, as I was leaving LA the next day. It’s funny to listen to them both back to back as it shows the many mixed emotions I was going through during heart-break, feeling strong and capable one minute, then distraught and confused the next. The only way through seemed to be to pretend that everything was fine or perfect whereas in reality it was Perfectly Untrue. I can definitely say now looking back that this is the worst solution ever, but also I know that it is just a coping mechanism that people use as escapism. When you are in a weird or dark headspace you see many versions of yourself that you didn’t even know existed. Perfectly Untrue’s “Happy Go Lucky” sound portrays the fake joy I pushed myself to feel in order to avoid the sad truth, which is displayed in the lyrics that are also coated in glitter and glamour – “dressed up in gold” and “dance until I die”. – Lucia of Lucia and the best boys

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