“Pedestal” by Phantogram

Indie pop duo Phantogram come to us to tell us a story that is sure to speak to our hearts with the mesmerizing beauty that is “Pedestal”. With this charming musical creation from their upcoming Album, ‘Ceremony’, they give pop a fine dose of warmth and vulnerability that is most welcomed. The track flows with ease blending melodies and lyrics into one soundscape that is intoxicating and mesmerizing for it speaks to us and plays with our imagination. The track just lands with the right touch to connect the dots and speak to us in a way that our hearts and souls can get excited. Dive into this realm that is sure to feel somewhat familiar to most if not all of us and embrace the magic and raw blend of emotions that awaits. Enjoy!

“You could make a hospital lovely

I’m not afraid of the scars they ain’t ugly

I could heal it all if you’re lucky

Open up baby you gotta just trust me…”

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