“Parachute” by Zac Pajak

UK based indie singer/songwriter Zac Pajak comes to Wolf in a Suit with the perfect heartbreak story for everyone to connect with, say hello to “Parachute”. With this refreshing and down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics he pulls us into a reality that is sure to connect with all listeners. The track flows with ease through the airwaves and instantly speaks to our hearts and souls in a way that makes us feel understood. It understands the pain and the harsh reality of heartbreak but also knows that at times we need to go through this experience to move forward. So listen, connect and enjoy the ride.

“Parachute is the summer heartbreak anthem for anyone getting over a relationship, having been messed around for too long. It’s about that empowering moment where the heartache disappears, and we finally realise that we’re actually better off without someone.

I’m a lot happier in my relationships now – but it’s a snapshot where I was at a certain point that I think a lot of people can relate to. I was fed up of getting hurt and it was time to get over it and walk away.” – Zac Pajak

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